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1 a metal or leather projection (as from the sole of a shoe); prevents slipping
2 a fastener (usually with two projecting horns) around which a rope can be secured
3 a strip of wood or metal used to strengthen the surface to which it is attached


1 provide with cleats; "cleat running shoes for better traction"
2 secure on a cleat; "cleat a line"

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  1. A strip of wood or iron fastened on transversely to something in order to give strength, prevent warping, hold position, etc.
  2. A device made of wood or metal, having two arms, around which turns may be taken with a line or rope so as to hold securely and yet be readily released. It is bolted by the middle to a deck or mast, etc., or it may be lashed to a rope.
  3. A spike on the bottom of an athletic shoe meant to give the athlete better traction on a field.


device to secure a rope
spike on the bottom of an athletic shoe


  1. To strengthen with a cleat.

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